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Dare to be Different: Red Bob

Go with a hairstyle that is as bold and unique as you are. When you want to switch it up, you can never go wrong with red. You can take things to the next level when that pop of color meets the daring bob cut. When you’re ready to let your wild side come through, come in to Salon Antoine and we will service you with the right shade and length to help you let the world know you’re one of a kind. We are located at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA.

A Red for Everyone

Many people may shy away from coloring their hair red is because they often believe that red does not look good on them. But red can look great on anybody when the right undertone is picked. Why undertones are so important to know about is because your hair and skin have specific undertones and the key is finding out which red is best for you. If you’ve got warm or golden undertones, your best red is one with a slight orange-y hue. If you’ve got a cool undertone, reds with blue or purple tints will match you beautifully.

Why a Bob?

They were extremely popular in the early 1900s, but they’ve made a valiant comeback! The reason a bob cut could be the best way to wow is because the maintenance is minimal and your features can be confidently shown off. But no need to worry, because there is a bob for every style as well. If you want to start off subtle, you can get a chin-length bob. For those who want to frame their face with a cut that’s slightly longer in the front, an A-line bob could be the way to go. And if you want to channel your inner 1920’s flapper, you can get a shingle bob, which is a bob that is extremely short and tapered.


Another reason why red is often kept at a distance is because of its upkeep. It is no secret that red can be the hardest shade to keep in. We assure you that the work you put into your locks will definitely be worth it. One tip that help keep you looking fiery hot is to refrain from washing your hair daily. Regularly washing your hair can cause the dye to fade quicker. If a grungy look is not your style, you can opt for dry shampoo to effortlessly feign a “just out of the shower” look. When it is time to wash it, make sure to choose a shampoo specifically for hair that’s been treated with color.

Ready to stand out? Come on down to Salon Antoine and we will set you up with a statement-making do in no time! When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, call us at 703-691-8878. We look forward to meeting you!

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