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If you’re thinking about going shorter with your locks, there are so many options. We’ll chat about some you can consider here in our overview, but as soon as you’d like to try one for yourself, reach out to our stylists at Salon Antoine. We are excited for your call!

The Edgy Pixie

One ever-popular cut you can go with is the pixie. This option is really short, however, it’s versatile and comes in different lengths. You might decide to have it a bit longer towards the ears and side bangs, such as celebrity Kaley Cuoco. Or, you can choose an even shorter option with baby bangs and more texture at the top–think Demi Lovato. So, even though this style doesn’t extend far beyond your ears, it can still look gorgeous as ever and it’s fully your choice how short or long you want it to ultimately be. You can experiment with different layers and highlights to add volume to the overall appearance of the hair. Not only that, you might choose to leave the back and bottom portions of the hair darker, while the top and sides are a lighter color for a final look that is sure to have all eyes on you.

model with blonde pixie cut resting her chin on hand

The Ever-Popular Bob

Another option you might choose is the bob. This haircut has been around since the 1920s and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As with the previous cut, this one has multiple versions as well. First, you can go with the blunt bob. This style is one single length all the way around and rarely touches your shoulders. Typically, it ends just a little below the ears. Of course, you can go the path of the A-line bob. This cut is usually shorter towards the back and longer toward the front. Once again, it’s your choice how short or long you want both ends you want to be. It also looks great whether you decide to straighten it or add some waves with a curling iron here and there. Last but not least, a stacked bob is a fabulous choice. This cut is created with several short layers toward the back for a final rounded look with a longer front.

model in studio with blonde wavy hair cut above shoulder

The Beautiful Shoulder Cut

When you think of short hairstyles, the shoulder-cut style might not be what instantly crosses your mind, but it is a very versatile choice. The great thing about this cut is that it is long enough to style it any way that you want because it is a tad bit on the longer style. On top of being able to keep it sleek and straight or curly, you can also put it up in a ponytail with ease. As with the last two options, you may choose to have it angled however you’d like. From an A-line cut to a completely layered one or a one-length, your choices are limitless. You might also consider an ombré or balayage with this option. The first gradually changes to a lighter hair shade around the ears or further down, while with the other, the contrasting hue begins closer to the roots. Plus, no matter how you style this haircut, you’re sure to have the dimension that you’ve wanted.

Would you like to try one of these styles? We would love to help you achieve the haircut that puts a smile across your face. Visit Salon Antoine during our open hours to get started!

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