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Chunky Highlights are Back!

By March 13, 2020No Comments

There’s a hairstyle that’s making waves once again in 2020! Can you guess which everlasting look is back? You got it – chunky highlights! But wait, before you start thinking “Oh no, that 90’s look that we thought was gone forever is back,” fear not! These streaks have returned and are proving they aren’t going anywhere. Read on to see why Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian West are loving this style!

Push the Boundaries

If you’ve been rocking one solid color, balayage, or ombré for a while, why not change things up with some chunky highlights? When you’re not ready for a whole new look but still desire something different, these could be exactly what you’ve been after. One upside to this option is you can get as few or as many as you’d like. Maybe you just want a couple around your head that mostly pop when you curl your hair, or you’re looking for a big contrast from your base color. In that case, opt for several chunky streaks! Another really cool option is to get two bigger streaks that are a shade or two lighter right around your face. They’ll draw attention to those striking eyes of yours, as it’s not a very subtle but rather bold look, and emphasize your cheekbones in no time. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re currently strutting short or long hair, highlights beautifully accentuate both lengths!

Model seated at table holding back hair with wide blonde highlights on brunette hair

Make Your Highlights Last Twice as Long

Your highlights deserve some extra TLC in order to always look their best. The key to having fresh highlights at all time is using less heating products and chemicals. We know sometimes that may be hard as you’ll want to try out various styles with your straightener and curling iron to make the streaks pop often. However, there are definitely other alternatives that don’t damage your hair as much. You can consider air drying your hair and letting your natural look, whether that’s waves or straight locks, come alive. Along with this, avoid washing your hair too often because it strips away the oils found inside the strands. You might also want to invest in an oil or moisturizer for your hair – that’s right, these aren’t just for your skin! These will add shine and softness to your streaks and soothe your scalp as well.

woman seated in stylists chair with long wavy blonde and light brown highlighted hair

The Sky is the Limit When it Comes to Styling

Before reaching for that curling wand or flat iron, consider other hairstyles that are going to bring attention to your highlights right away. If you want to create beach or loose waves, you can simply braid your hair and then take it out a few hours later to see them come to life. You can also consider a simple fishtail or crown braid! You’ll still be able to beautifully show off each and every chunky contrast of the highlight along with your base color! You can also opt for a ponytail that will accent those larger streaks even when they’re tied up. Of course, we’re not saying you have to fully avoid heating tools because we know that you’ll have events where you want to strut the perfect, precise curls or that long, gorgeous straight look. When that’s the case, opt for a heat protectant spray that will reduce heat damage and keep your strands looking healthy and beautiful.

Now it’s time to stop into Salon Antoine and switch your current look up with some chunky highlights! Call us today at 703-691-8878 to schedule a day to come in, or simply come by Monday through Saturday. See you soon!

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