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Choosing Your Special Occasion Hairstyle

By June 20, 2018May 8th, 2019No Comments

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, prom, or another special occasion, your hair plays a big part. With all the choices you can go with, it can be overwhelming narrowing down your perfect style, but not to worry, we’re here to share some popular, not to mention gorgeous, options you can go with. Then, when you’re ready for our professional stylists to style your hair with the look you’ve been wanting, visit us at Salon Antoine. You can find us at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, and we can’t wait to see you!

Braided Crown

If there’s one thing that ladies with long and short hair have in common, it’s that they all look amazing with a braid. One popular style that’s a hit for any special occasion is the braided crown. Braids are always unique and stunning, and whether you wear one with your hair fully up or you let your hair beautifully fall below the braid, you’re sure to make a lasting impression! Braids are timeless when they’re dressed up and dressed down. You can choose to do a loose braid by braiding the top around your head and the rest of your hair into a single braid, which will greatly complement your dress and bring out your gorgeous face and eyes. How about a fishtail braid that cascades from the right to the left surrounded by the rest of your flowing hair? Flawless! If you’re a fan of updos and accentuating your features on your face, go for the milkmaid braid. You can pin the rest of your hair back, all while the braid is styled all the way around your head. For an added bonus, add some sparkly pins or flowers into the braid to really stand out from the crowd!

Updos for Any Event

You can never go wrong with an updo! Updos also add a lot of volume to your hair and are just simply stunning. It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking one solid hair color or an ombre, the style makes any color look outstanding. Whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid, you’re bound to look stunning. You can even add some sparkling jewels or flowers to amp the updo up even more. Do you want some flowing curly ends to stick out around your updo style? Go for it! Feeling like adding a subtle braid on the side? No one’s stopping you! Anything, whether simple or intricate, can make it look elegant! You could choose to do a twisted updo, which will in turn show the soft features of your face and show off the classic or innovative style. The amazing thing about updos is that they also show off your accessories – your dress, earrings, and makeup will pop and your eyes will not go unnoticed!

girl with brown updo
girl with braided updo

Half Up, Half Down

If you want the best of both worlds, you can always opt to style your hair half up and half down. Plus, there’s so many options to go with that look stunning for any angle! One remarkable style is the classic half-up twist. You just do a couple of twists from each side of your hair so it meets in the middle, add some bobby pins, leave the rest of your hair down, and voila! You can choose to do tight curls with the hair that’s left or some simple waves if you want the twist to stand out more. Instead of doing a twist, you can also do a bow, braid, celtic knot, whatever you choose! Speaking of braids, you can pull the top and sides of your hair into a braid as the rest of it falls underneath the hair. Keep the rest straight or boho-chic wavy and you’ll be getting complements right and left! For a more romantic, yet exceptional style, try the waterfall braid. You can pair it with either curls or show of the sleek, straight look under the braid, the choice is all yours. If you choose to style your hair half up and half down for your next special event, the possibilities are endless and you’ll be a show-stopper!

A girl with a stunning hairstyle means business! Our professional stylists here at Salon Antoine can’t wait to pamper you and give you the style you want to rock for your next special occasion. We are open six days a week and can’t wait to dress your hair up with one of these incredible styles. See you soon!

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