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Choices, Choices, Choices: The Ideal Layers for Your Hairstyle

If you want to create volume to your hair, one way to instantly transform it is to get some layers! However, there are different options that you can go with, so we’re here to share a few of these. After a read-through, contact us to find a day to visit us at Salone Antoine!


One of the most popular options to go with are long layers. These are ideal for ladies with lengthier locks and usually have several inches between them. What’s great about these is that they automatically add dimension to your hair and show off that overall fullness. Not only that, it makes it a breeze to style your hair, even when you’re pressed for time. If you happen to have a blunt or one-length cut at the moment, this could be a way to switch your style up without making a drastic change. You wouldn’t even have to go with a different hair color, but would still be showing off a different haircut in the end. And if you weren’t aware, layers frame your face and instantly draw attention to those beautiful eyes and jawlines.

model with long blonde hair at the beach wearing a hat

Middle Length

Unlike the previous choice, if you get your layers more toward the middle for oomph, you’ll still be walking around with a flawless cut. As the name states, these are shorter and the focus is toward the middle of the hair to ultimately create richness. These work best for shorter and middle-length styles and will do wonders for fine or thinner hair. To really accentuate your locks, you might choose to get shorter layers around your face. You can also opt for two very specific options, such as V-Cut or U-Cut layers, which form the shape of these letters toward the bottom. And even with these options, you can still add in waves, curls, or even put it up in a ponytail should you so choose without losing any of your volume.

model with light brown layered hairstyle glancing downward over shoulder


Last but definitely not least, you may be a fan of short layers. Whether you’re sporting a stacked bob or a lob right now, short layers are a game-changer. The layers can start above your ears or right at ear-level and eventually end more toward the bottom with longer ones to achieve that overall movement we all want. Even if you have a pixie style, adding a touch of layers ultimately will give you even more volume. You may also choose to pair some side bangs if you’re thinking about a new look. Finally, if you really want to have all eyes on you, we’d be happy to put in some highlights that are shade or two lighter than your locks now, or even dye your hair another daring color you’ve wanted to test out.

When you’re looking for a low-maintenance change that will make it easier to style your hair, come to Salon Antoine and give layers a try! If you happen to have any questions before you stop in, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Our stylists would love to speak with you!

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