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Choices, Choices: Balayage vs. Ombré

If you’ve been rocking one solid hair color all your life or simply just want to try something new, then trying a balayage or ombré style might be for you! You’ll feel like a brand new woman and heads will turn your way. Stop into Salon Antoine today so our stylists can pamper you and give you the color you’ve been wanting. We are located at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA, and look forward to meeting you soon!

balayage hair color

Strut that Balayage

Deciding between balayage or ombré can be overwhelming, so we’re here to ease your mind and clear up some of the confusion between the two. While the balayage and ombré styles are very similar, there are some differences. This game-changing trend means “to sweep” or “to paint” in French. When you visit us, our stylists will start by using vertical strokes, as if painting your hair, and build color from the upper middle to the end. This is what makes balayage different from regular highlights since foil isn’t used and the color is gently painted, creating a seamless transition. If you’re that modern woman with a busy lifestyle, you’ll love balayage because it’s easier to maintain than an ombré or even highlights. This look forms a softer and more natural style without any harsh outgrowth. The end results will bring a huge smile to your face. If you’ve been wanting that sunkissed look that model Miranda Kerr and actress Jessica Alba have been rocking, then balayage is what you should go with! Whether you decide to straighten, curl, or pin up your hair and then pair it with a bright red lipstick, the balayage always pops!

Ombré is Timeless

If you’re choosing to go with an ombré, you won’t be disappointed either. The word “ombré” means “shade” or “shading” in French. Just as the word suggests, when you choose an ombré, our sylists will take your hair from one shade to the next, typically starting with a dark shade at the roots and transitioning into a lighter shade at the ends.
Unlike balayage, a traditional ombré is bold and made for those who were born to stand out! If you like the idea, but want something a little more subtle, try the sombré. With this style you get a softer, or more natural, version of the ombré. You get a beautiful look that gradually gets lighter at the end of your hair. The wonderful thing about the sombré is it adds dimension and seamlessly blends your gorgeous hair. Whether you take the color to the extreme or choose to stay subtle, you’ll get a stunning look!

So, the question is, balayage or ombré? Whichever you choose, you’ll look flawless! Visit us at Salon Antoine today to get the process started so you can get that style you’ve been wanting for some time now. Schedule an appointment right here on our website or give us a call at 703-691-8878 so we can give you the look that’s going to turn heads no matter where you go!

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