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Change Things Up with Dark Hair

From black, to brown, to a cascading ombré, there’s something so stunning about dark hair! If you’re thinking it’s time to change up your locks to one of these shades, check out below what makes them so timeless, and then when it’s time to try one out, call us at 703-691-8878 to schedule your appointment. We’re excited to hear from you at Salon Antoine!

The Ever-Popular Black

If you want to fully dip your feet into the pool of dark shades, why not consider black? This color is a classic and looks flawless whether you curl it or simply let it fall straight. And if you were convinced there’s just one shade of black, you would be surprised! You can choose between jet black, which is the deepest version of the color, but still includes some warm tones. If you want some subtle blue hues added to this dark shade, opt for blue black. Last, but definitely not least, you could go with natural black, which gives you the color and also looks like you were born with it—what a win-win! You’ll love that black is one color that suits every woman. It goes great with all eye colors and skin tones, so you know you’ll bring out all of your gorgeous features. Also, since it’s the shiniest shade, you can expect each strand or curly lock to get noticed as soon as you step out of the house!

model with long black wavy hair posed in silhouette

Gorgeous Brown

When it’s time to ditch your blonde, red, or pastel color, go with brown! With colors like dark brown, chocolate, coffee, ash, and bronde, your options are endless. If you want to go even darker, you can transition to chocolate. This is the closest shade to black and it’s the go-to color for every season. It includes a pearly, gorgeous look, and you can opt to leave it dark or add other tones, such as red, to it! Ash is another option and it’s a gorgeous, cooler brunette hue that works great if you’re already strutting a light or medium brown. Bronde, on the other hand, blends brown and blonde so you don’t have to pick one over the other. This way, you get a touch of blonde but without having to go platinum! Whether you have long or short locks, brown is trendy and just like black, it works for all types of skin tones, shapes, and eye colors. However, if you are conflicted and want the one that matches your features best, you can decide the tone by your complexion. Warm undertones are best with dark shades, while cool undertones look stunning with lighter colors like chestnut or caramel. Either way, you’ll light up the room whether you style it with waves, tight curls, or put it up in a ponytail!

model with dark wavy hair

Test Your Hair Out with the Ombré, Sombré, and Lowlights

Who says you have to go completely dark? It’s your hair, so it’s one hundred percent your choice! If you aren’t ready to go fully dark, you can still test the waters with the ombré or sombré. The former allows you to enjoy dark roots while the color gets lighter as it nears your roots. How about something even more subtle? Consider the sombré! This style is a softer version of the ombré and lets you rock both the dark shade with some lighter tones weaved in, so you can have the best of both worlds. Finally, you can add some lowlights to see if you like the shade before dying your stands all one deep color. Unlike highlights, lowlights are a shade or two lighter than the rest of your hair while still producing a natural look and adding less damage to your locks. No matter which option of the three you choose, you can’t go wrong!

Once you’re ready to change up your strands with a dark hue, come and see us at Salon Antoine! Our professional stylists are excited for your visit and to ultimately give you that shade that you’ll love for days on end. You can find us at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA, and we hope you’ll visit us soon!

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