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Center Part – Cut and Color Tips

The center part is a classic style, which makes it a popular choice for customers of all ages. If you’ve been thinking about changing up your part or have felt a little frustrated with the results on your own, read our top tips below! Salon Antoine is here to help if it’s time for a trim or a full color change!

Center Part Through the Years

In various versions the center part has come in and out of fashion for hundreds of years. What comes to mind for most people is the center part combined with the long straight hair of the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Popular for both men and women, this hairstyle became iconic and synonymous with the fashion of this era. Whether your style is classic and preppy or more bohemian, the center part is a great fit, adding a vintage feel to your look.

model styling long black hair with straightening iron with hair parted down the center

Haircut Options

A key element to success with style the center part is the haircut. If you have medium to thick hair you’ll want to aim for length that falls about halfway between the shoulder and the elbow, or longer. The weight of this length will help the air to lay flat, which is key when parting the hair down the center. If you have very fine or very straight hair, you can consider trying shoulder length or a long bob length. Our knowledgeable stylists are a great resource if you are unsure about your hair’s natural texture and want some advice! Regardless of length, there will be little or no layers to this cut, so you’ll want to keep up with frequent trims for a fresh, blunt look to the ends.

model with shoulder length light brown straight hair with part down the center

Color Options

Color is another aspect to consider with the center part. Because parting the hair in the center draws more attention to the roots, many customers prefer to either go with their natural hair color or low-lights and balayage, rather than highlights. Deep brown or black tones are a popular choice, especially those wanting to channel a vintage vibe, but a soft blonde or red is also an option. If you are sticking with your natural hair color, a glaze is a great way to enhance the vibrancy and shine.

Call Salon Antoine if you’re ready to take the next step with a center part cut or color. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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