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Brunette Hairstyles

Brunette or brown hair is the second most common hair color among people, with black being the most common. Brown hair has higher levels of the pigment eumelanin than blonde hair has, but lower levels than black hair. Brown hair also has lower levels of the pigment pheomelanin, which is a more common pigment found in red hair. Brown hair strands are thicker than the strands of blonde hair, but not as thick as red hair strands. There are many different colors of brown hair, ranging from very dark brown hair that is almost black, to light brown hair that has slight signs of blonde in it. Here are a few different shades of brown hair color.

  • Deepest brunette: This color is the darkest brown, which can also be a very dark chestnut. This color can on occasion appear to be black from far away.
  • Dark brown: This is a shade lighter than the deepest brown color but is still pretty dark.
  • Chestnut brown: This shade of brown is a medium brown to dark brown with dark auburn tones in it.
  • Light chestnut brown: This is a lighter version of the normal chestnut brown.
  • Medium brown: This is your normal brown hair color that can also be compared to a russet brown.
  • Walnut brown: Is similar to light chestnut brown and is a lighter shade of medium brown.
  • Medium golden brown: This shade is brown with yellowish tone to it.
  • Light golden brown: This is a lighter brown than that of the medium golden brown, and it also has a yellowish tone to it.
  • Light golden reddish brown: This shade is a warm light brown that has red tones to it.
  • Light ash brown: This shade of brown is closest to blonde hair.
  • Lightest brown: This shade of brown starts out as a light brown that goes mid-blonde in the sun.

As you can see there are many different shades of brunette hair colors. Knowing that there are many different choices to choose from, you may find that picking the right shade is hard on your own. So if you are thinking of dyeing your hair a different shade of brown, or just thinking of going from a different color to brown, talk to a professional at Salon Antoine today. The professionals at Salon Antoine will be able to help you achieve the exact color you are looking for.

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