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If you’ve been strutting a haircut with different lengths and want to even things out, you might go with a blunt cut! We’ll chat about a few of your options below, but once you’re ready to put one to the test in your own locks, schedule an appointment here at Salon Antoine. We hope to hear from you soon!


A popular cut that dates back to the 1920s is the ever-popular bob. However, this style is versatile and can be cut at a single blunt length, or you can choose the a-line option. For now, we’ll talk about the former. This option typically ends right at or directly below the ears and instantly draws attention to your jawline. Even though it is fairly short, there are still no problems when it comes to styling. You can choose to straighten it or add some waves or curls, and it will look absolutely fantastic. The great thing about this haircut is that it can create instant oomph and dimension. And you’re always free to add some highlights for a contrast to the original shade. You can even dabble in an ombre or balayage if this is something that interests you.

model with brown hair in a bob cut using a tablet device

Shoulder Length

If you want to go a little longer than the aforementioned haircut, you might try the shoulder-length haircut. This option is great for those who want a happy medium between the bob and a style that is long. Another added bonus is that you can tie it up in a ponytail when you’re heading to the gym or hitting the town with your friends. You can also show off your natural look with this cut. Sometimes, rather than grabbing the curling iron or straightener right away, you might just wash your hair and let it air dry to show off the length. Not only that, you can create waves or curls simply by braiding them or using no-heat curlers. Since it is a perfect length, you have so many options when you decide to style it! And you won’t be visiting the salon too often because it doesn’t require as much maintenance.

model with long wavy brown hair posed with head tilted back with hand held up with fingers resting against bottom of chin

Sleek & Long

Of course, we can’t forget about the long, sleek one-length cut that extends beyond your shoulders. Many people go for this look because it can seem as if it sometimes styles itself. It looks neat because it is a single length and instantly shows off the color and shine. However, if you want to add even more richness to it, you might choose to simply blow dry it and style as this is happening. Not to mention, it will make your overall look seem as if it has more dimension if you have finer hair. What’s more, it’s low-maintenance because it looks gorgeous even when it grows longer. And as always, long blunt cuts can be accentuated by highlights to show off every strand when you leave the house.

Do you want to spice up your current look with one of these haircuts? If so, stop by Salon Antoine for a consultation. We are open Monday through Saturday!

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