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Best Fall Nail Trends to Try Right Now

ManicureThis fall’s trends seem to be full of dark colors and nail trends are no different. With nail trends this fall you can expect to see colors such as black and oxblood. Other nail trends include 3d accents. So if you are looking to follow the trend this fall, try some of these nail colors and designs.

Fall Nail Trends

  • Oxblood: This color is a mix of purple and brown. This mix of colors gives oxblood a deep, dark crimson color
  • Black: This is quite simply just what it says black. Black is coming back this fall with the help of its ability to match all your fall styles.
  • Twists on black: This is a good style for anyone that does not want to go full black with their nails. They are able to add small amounts of black to certain parts of their nails to make them stand out. With using just a little black on part of your nails you can turn ordinary nails to elegant nails.
  • 3D Accents: This trend involves adding materials to your nails that stand out. Such materials would be studs, gems, mini beads, and anything else that could give it texture.
  • Metallic: One way to get this look is by applying nail polish with aluminum foil.
  • Outlined: This makes your nails really pop with color and is easy to accomplish — just pick your base color, then outline the nail with another color of your choice. Make sure the colors go with each other. Black would be the best color to outline in since it goes well with any color.
  • Dots: A fun way to add color while still looking cute is dots with the help of a dot tool. They can be placed in such a way that makes your nails look like a piece of artwork.

These are only a few of the nail trends for this fall. So if you are looking to update your boring nails to something that everyone will love call Salon Antoine Today. There professionals will be able to help you get the perfect nail designs. Salon Antoine also has other nail services to help keep your nails healthy and looking their best. Some of Salon Antoine’s nail services are hot oil manicure, hand paraffin treatment, buff and polish, as well as full set nails. So if you are looking to follow this fall’s trends and keep your nails healthy, call Salon Antoine today and let your nails be the envy of all your friends.

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