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Beauty Hacks We Love: How to Prolong Your Hair Wash

By June 15, 2014No Comments

Did you know it isn’t good for your hair to be washed too frequently? This seems like “hair-esy” to some. But going without washing doesn’t mean you can’t shower, and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to be a greaseball. At least, not with these simple hair care tips.

Wash Your Hair on the Gentle Cycle

First of all, learn how to wash your hair properly. I know it might seem like a simple thing, but many people are too rough on their locks. Not to mention the fact that you don’t really need to get the shampoo down the whole length of your hair — the oil is at the roots, and the dirt gets in the oil. The rest of your hair rinses clean all by itself.

You can also reduce greasiness by only putting conditioner on the ends of your hair. No need to oil up the segment of your hair that is self-oiling.

Go Easy on Product

It’s the product, along with the dirt-attracting oil, that makes hair look dingy on the second day. Less is more anyway. More than a quarter-sized dollop will weigh your hair down.

Rinse or Cover: Your Choice

On the second day, feel free to cover your hair with a shower cap. Unless you absolutely need to have your hair wet before styling, you’ll do no harm. You can usually get the same oomph in your styling if you just spray some water on the roots and do a quick blowout with a round brush.

Invest In a Great Dry Shampoo

Oil in your hair is a fact of life. Especially at the beginning of dialing down your shampoo addiction, you’re going to have more oil in your hair than you feel comfortable with. Your hair is in the habit of having to replace all the oils you strip off every day. A great dry shampoo will ease the withdrawal symptoms. Trust us, you won’t even realize you’re shampooing less.

One tip we can offer is to use the dry shampoo the night before. This will give the oils tons of time to absorb and you won’t have to fret about styling out the powder. This is especially a problem with darker hair. Plus, you’ll be able to roll out of bed and style your hair quickly without all the prep.

As you shampoo less, you’ll probably notice your hair getting more manageable and healthier-looking. That’s how you know you’re doing it right. Your hair will thank you.

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