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Be Bold and Confident with Hair Extensions

Have you been looking to add some length to your hair, but don’t want to wait for it to grow out? Well, you’re in luck because we at Salon Antoine are here to help you with our Hair Extensions service. Visit us as soon as possible to get that elongated, luminous hair look you’ve been dying for! It is our pleasure to style your hair and have you walk out the door with a smile!

blonde woman with long curled hair

Immediate Length and Volume

If you’re not blessed with that princess hair length, not to worry! With extensions you’ll get that longer and fuller style you’ve been yearning for. You can now let that hair fall down your back or brush it out of your face and throw it in a quick ponytail or messy bun. Also, girls, volume has always been “in,” and when you choose to get hair extensions, you’ll be getting more than just a longer new look. You’ll also be adding that oomph that you’ve been lacking, so you can show off the bounce of those curls with each step you take. This is perfect for that thinning or limp hair that you’ve been trying to change for a while now! Even if you’re currently sporting a bob or a shoulder-length cut, we can turn your hair long in a matter of minutes to add more to the style you’ve been rocking. We’re here to give you that look that’s bound to turn heads as you walk by!

Our professional stylists will work with you so that you leave here with thicker, longer hair so you can say goodbye to that dull hair forever. We’ll focus on covering up split ends and we’ll boost your existing body of hair so you can get that “new do” that will wow those around you. We all get bored with our current look, so taking advantage of our hair extension service will eliminate that and give you a vibrant, yet healthy, style.

Hair extensions in several colors

New Hair, New Styles

With hair extensions, you now have the option of adding new styles to your look. If you thought you couldn’t use a curling iron or straightener on your extensions, you’d be mistaken! These work just like your natural hair, so feel free to style them any way you’d like. It’s so much easier to get that perfect bun for a wedding or those long beachy waves with extensions. Even add pink or green streaks without completely changing your style. Or, if you’re a bonafide risk-taker, go for that ombré look you’ve been longing to try!

Extensions also magnificent because they don’t damage your hair. You can get all the benefits of dying your locks without ruining them. Plus, you can add different shades to mix things up. Add some blonde to that natural brown you’re currently rocking for a radical change. If you want to stick with your original color, no problem! We’ve got the shade you’ve had your heart set on. The options are limitless!

What are you waiting for?! Visit us at Salon Antoine and let our professionals show you the fierce types of hair extensions we offer. You’ll leave here feeling like you’re ready to conquer the world! We are conveniently located at 11092 Lee Highway, in Fairfax, VA, and can’t wait to pamper you!

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