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Banish Bad Summer Hair Days!

You may only be thirsty on Thursdays, but your hair will need a little bit more nourishment than that! Along with all the tanning, beaches, and outdoor activities of summer, comes an unrelenting heat, and that takes a toll on your hair. Let us at Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, prepare you with all of the right tools, products, and advice to conquer the hottest months of the year without a frizz in sight!

Banish Bad Hair days

Crucial Conditioning

Heat dries your hair out, and that’s exactly the last thing we want for volumized and healthy-looking hair. It’s imperative to get a good conditioner to combat the side effects of a hot summer day, so drop a few extra dollars for a bottle that contains coconut, palm, jojoba, or olive oil. Other ingredients that deserve a thumbs up include hydrolyzed keratin, cetearyl alcohol, shea butter, and panthenol (or vitamin B5). If your hair is colored, make sure that you’re using a paraben and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner combo, both to keep your color distinct and your hair moisturized. Finally, if you’re a dry shampoo fanatic, consider using a spray-in conditioner every few days to re-introduce some moisture and vitality to your locks – we think you’ll love the results!
Next, make sure that you have a quality deep conditioner. While what you use every time you wash your trendy tresses is important, it’s best topped off with a once-a-week or bi-weekly routine to add a little extra nourishment. If you want to go au naturel with your routine, you can simply get a big ol’ tub of coconut oil and douse your mane in it. Let it sit for two (or more) hours and do some other self-care. Put on a face mask, paint your nails, and take a load off. Me time is important. If you want recommendations for shampoo, conditioner, or the best deep conditioner products and routines for you and your hair, we at Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, are always on hand to give advice!

Accept Accessories

Summer is a great time to set aside your hair dryer and straightener and let them gather just a smidge of dust. Then wipe them off and take care of them, because those tools are not cheap, but you get the point. Take advantage of what you were born with – use some mousses and styling products to get that beachy wave or take your braiding game to the next level with some heat-free styles that will give off that care-free cute vibe that literally is summer. Top any ‘do off with a stand-out accessory as a finisher, and you’re ready to take on the day.
If you insist on using your blow-dryer and straightener, splurge on a quality heat protectant – you should definitely be using one all year round, but it’s especially pivotal during the warm months when your hair is getting assaulted from the second you step outside. Use a nozzle on your blow dryer and rough dry the majority of it before finishing with a round brush for a polished look. And don’t forget about the cool shot button when you start sweating!

At Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, we’re not just here to color and style your hair once and send you on your way – we’re always happy to put together a great routine to take with you as each season comes. Schedule an appointment by speaking with one of our personable staff members today, and we hope we’ll see you soon at 11092 Lee Hwy. in Fairfax, VA!

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