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Fall trend, bangsHave recently considered rocking the retro look of blunt bangs? How about a heavy fringe, or sweeping side cut? Well, now’s your chance to take a risk. The new fall trend is back to bangs. This bold look is making a comeback, especially when paired with a modern and flirty textured bob or sleek straight hair.

Why are bangs making such a comeback? Probably because they are sure to make a bold statement, no matter what style you normally wear. Bangs are known to grab attention and spice up a cut that doesn’t have much else going on, such as sleek and straight hair, particularly without layers. For those with textured hair who are wearing it short, bangs can help to highlight the face, while still staying true to their wavy nature.
Right now, the fall trend of back to bangs is being showcased everywhere from the runway to the red carpet. Many celebrities are taking the cut and choosing to frame their face. Some are choosing to recall the sharp, blunt bangs of days gone by, bringing back a bit of sixties flare, while others are going for a lighter, ethereal look.

The most popular look in bangs at the moment are fringes that skim over the eyes, fluttering down across the face. The “grown-out” look tends to part a bit and frame the face, accentuating the cheekbones, and easily blend into the rest of the cut. This style works perfectly with long bobs or long layered hair.

Some popular celebrities are choosing a heavier fringe, which can also help to accentuate your favorite features. For example, a blunt and heavy look will help draw attention to your eyes, while the rest of your long layers or short bob frame your cheekbones. Even if you tend to pull your hair back, a blunt bang cut just below your eyebrows will still look flawless.

Of course, not all bangs work for all faces. One of the biggest bang mistakes you can make next to cutting them yourself, can be getting the wrong cut for your face and hair texture. For example, if you have an oval face, you should be able to rock most styles without a problem. However, if your face is more diamond shaped, then side swept bangs might work best, or if your face is round, you could work a side sweep or a full blunt and heavy bang.

So, if you are ready for a new style, or if you just want a hair update, then you should rock the new fall trend, back to bangs. If you’re still unsure about what style you want to try, the best way to know which style will work best for you is to just try it out. Give us a call at 703-691-8878 to make an appointment.