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All the Rage for Spring 2016: Hair Edition

Sometimes it feels like hair trends change every week and it’s our job at Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, to keep up with the current style. This spring, we envision wet hair, twisted ponytails, and freeform curls everywhere when it comes to hairstyle.

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Wet Hair, Don’t Care

The biggest trend this spring is wet hair – whether you’ve spent the morning at the beach or not. To re-create this on-trend look, you’ll need a wide tooth comb and a product we have in stock at Salon Antoine just for you, the SebastianTM Gel Forte. This pearlescent gel is perfect for making your hair glisten and shine, getting the sexy, surfer girl look with remarkable ease. So, coat your hair with a good amount of gel and then brush through with a wide-tooth comb and, for all anyone knows, you spent the morning surfing! Or walking down the runway!
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Totally Twisted

The most unique hybrid-style present at New York Fashion Week 2016 is one that doesn’t take a lot of time, surprisingly. So, if you were thinking about just throwing your hair up into a ponytail tomorrow, your plans have just changed. Sort of. Put your hair up into a tight ponytail. Divide the ponytail into two sections and twist each section clockwise while simultaneously twisting the sections counterclockwise together. Is it a little hard to do without looking? That’s alright! Stop by Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, and one of our many hair stylists can give you some helpful tips and tricks to making this latest trend an easy morning masterpiece.
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Free the Curl!

We all have that one client born with natural curls and waves that always wants us taming their mane using hot tools. And we don’t mind – honestly! But many designers are eschewing the use of straighteners and blow dryers this season in favor of more natural methods. Take advantage of this trend and store those hair-damaging tools under the sink for a while. Let our knowledgeable stylists help you pick the perfect texturizing spray, mousse, or cream for your hair type and let those beautiful tresses roam where they may. Picking the perfect product will allow your hair to find its shape naturally while still cutting down on the frizz some of us suffer from. We at Salon Antoine are all about this fashion-forward look that will give damaged hair some time to heal before the next fashion trend strikes!
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Which trend are you wanting to try?

Or do you want to try to set your own trend?

Either way, stop by Salon Antoine in Fairfax, VA, because we’d love to help you find the perfect product, give you the perfect cut, and help you discover the best style for you! Give us a call at 703-692-8878.

We hope to see you soon!

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