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A Soft Look: Subtle Highlights

By July 8, 2021No Comments

You don’t have to try a completely new color for a different look! Sometimes, all it takes is a few highlights here and there in a slightly lighter hue. Below, you can read about what makes these a game changer before stopping into Salon Antoine. Our stylists are excited to meet you!

What Makes Subtle Highlights So Popular?

While you can go big and bold by coloring your hair a brand-new color, you can also stick to the soft side with a subtle change. When you go with these types of highlights, they will only be a shade or so lighter than the one you have right now. If this might be your first time getting highlights, you can start with a test strand or a few to see how you like the contrast. This also lets you see if you want to do a different shade and whether you want a lot of them or just some. Of course, if you’re a veteran, you can get several highlights throughout your hair that show a little change but nothing too drastic. These are also a big hit because once your roots grow out, they’ll seamlessly blend as they are a close color to your natural shade. What’s not to love?

model in beige evening gown with long blonde hair with golden highlights

Color & Placement

The color that you choose for your highlights is fully up to you. If you have dark brown hair, you might try some chestnut or caramel streaks that will look flawless when blended together. Of course, if your current strands are blonde, adding some platinum ones will give you that slight change that you’ve been looking for. For red hair, you might do a color with an orange tint just to make it pop a little bit more. As far as where you can get these placed, there is really no wrong! You can start as close to the root as you’d like or further down right at ear level. Lastly, face-framing highlights have become a fan favorite because they bring out your eyes and jawline instantly, so you might consider those and then maybe a few more throughout your hair that start at different lengths.

model with long brown highlighted hair


If you’re wondering whether subtle highlights are high- or low-maintenance, you’ll be happy to hear it’s the latter. Once your natural color starts to show, it won’t be too much of a contrast from the new color of the streaks because it’s not much of a difference. However, if you enjoy getting touch-ups or color changes often, you’re free to visit us as soon as you’d like! It’s typically recommended to stop by every six to eight weeks anyway to avoid a big grow out and leave here with new, shiny highlights. We also suggest not to use items that produce too much heat such as a straightener or curling iron often as this can add some damage to your new color. If possible, let your hair air dry and try some natural hairstyles when creating your look. However, if you tend to grab for the straightener or curling iron frequently, use a heat protector to prolong the life of your strands.

Come to Salon Antoine today so our stylists can give you the ideal color that you want for your hair! Of course, if you would like a consultation ahead of time, contact us today so we can set you up a day to visit us. You can find us at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA.

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