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A Beautiful Food-Inspired Look: Caramel Highlights

If you want to change up your dark hair with some color or add a different shade to your blonde, we highly recommend the shade that’s making waves on social media and all around the world — caramel! It’s bound to add the dimension you crave and put life back into your hair. Once you’re ready to dip your toes in, reach out to us at Salon Antoine to book your appointment!

Why is Caramel so Popular?

When we say “caramel,” we’re not talking about the candy, but rather the gorgeous color, which you might have seen when scrolling on Instagram. Ladies everywhere are falling in love with this hue because it comes in a variety of shades and adds that pop of color that you’ve been wanting. Even just a few caramel highlights or a whole head of this shade will do wonders. It’s your choice to go as light or as dark as you want when adding some caramel touches. If you really want to put an emphasis on the highlights, you might go with bright golden shade. On the other hand, stick to more of a walnut and caramel mixture that blends in with your natural brown shade. Either way, you can’t lose! You might even decide to blend lowlights and highlights to get a head-turning final result that will have all eyes on you once you’ve styled it.

smiling model has wavy long brown hair with caramel colored highlights


While you’re free to do whichever hairstyle you want with your caramel shade, we have a few that we’ll share here that will instantly put you in the spotlight. First up are beach waves. They’re gorgeous and effortlessly show off each and every strand. Also, you can create them with braids or by letting your hair air dry. You’ll avoid heat and still end up with a flawless look. Of course, if you’re a fan of tight locks, you might add in some curls with a curling iron towards your eyes, or go all out, so those curls show off the different shades in your hair. Finally, a haircut might just be the thing you need to enliven your strands. This doesn’t have to mean chopping off several inches for an extreme new look. We’re talking about some layers here or there to add richness, while showing off the caramel at the same time!

model on country road turned to camera smiling, with long brown caramel highlighted wavy hair


You’ll love that this shade is for any hair type and flatters all hair lengths. Even when it grows out, it still looks fabulous! Whether your highlights start right at your roots or further down, you don’t need to worry. The great thing is, caramel nicely contrasts with a darker root while complementing your eyes. However, to make sure that your locks aren’t looking lackluster and don’t lose their shine, you might pay us a visit in eight to ten weeks. This will allow us to get rid of split ends, add some new color to your hair, and maybe even try a new shade if you would like. You can also take your highlights and add some more to end up with a beautiful balayage if you’ve never tried this style before. Our stylists will discuss various paths with you and recommend what would work best for your hair when you’re here.

Ready to try some caramel pieces? Make your way over to Salon Antoine when you have a free day and let’s get started. You can easily find us at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA, and we can’t wait to see you.

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