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Here at Salon Antoine we have been around long enough to know that trends cycle back around and recently we have seen a revival for the voluminous styles that were made iconic in the 1990s. If you are looking to take advantage of this trend, check out our suggestions for cut, styling, and color!


We’ll start with some of the optimal haircuts for the 90’s volume look. This is important because the right cut can make your styling time significantly shorter and easier. Although you can accomplish this style with many lengths of hair, our top recommendation is mid-length, so falling just past the shoulder to halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. This length will allow for plenty of layers and volume without too much hair to weigh it down. Depending on the natural texture of your hair our team will cut layers starting around the chin all the way to the end of the hair. Maintenance for this cut will depend on how fast your hair grows but it is relatively low and likely only needs a shape and trim every 3-5 months.

model standing with long brown hair with relaxes volume


Whether you have just received a fresh haircut from one of our stylists or you are creating the look at home, 90’s volume relies on a blow-out. A round brush is essential to give the shape of curved volume throughout, starting at the roots and then moving towards the ends. There are many popular styling tools now that combine a hair dryer and round brush, which may be worth considering if you are committed to styling your hair this way on a regular basis. Our team can also recommend our favorite products for holding the volume after blow-drying. You want to find a gel or cream that has a lightweight hold for a smooth, natural look – this is a key difference between the volume of the 90s and volume from older decades such as the 60’s or 80’s. Dry shampoo is also helpful to make your blowout last several days.

Stylist blow drying long hair for woman sitting in salon


Color is optional but can make the difference if you are really trying to channel the look of a 90’s supermodel or classic TV character. The good news is that this style can work with really any hair color. The key is consistent color with very subtle or no highlights. As we mentioned with the products, the goal is a natural, effortless look, so consider this a great opportunity to embrace your hair’s natural hue. Our stylists are skilled at matching color or adding subtle dimensions with lowlights that are just barely visible. If you feel your hair is lacking shine due to dying or using heat products, we can recommend a glaze or treatment mask to bring it back to life.

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