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Grow Out Your Bangs Gracefully

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There are many people that have bangs and want to let them grow out. The problem most people have with growing out their bangs is they are not sure how to deal with it as it slowly gets longer. Most people would just grab the scissors and make them short again just to not have to deal with them. However it does not have to be that way. There are a few different tips that can help anyone grow out their bangs gracefully.

Tips on Growing Out Your Bangs

The first thing to do before anything else is be patient

Trim, Don’t Chop: Trimming your bangs helps promote healthier hair. Having healthy hair means it will grow faster. Getting your bangs trimmed every six weeks can help your bangs stay healthy and makes them blend into your hair more easily.

Think Deep and Weighty: Keep your hair moisturized. Moisture helps your hair grow by preventing breakage. Deep conditioning can help keep moisture in your hair and should be done about once a week.

Get Rid of the Middle Part: Switch your part to either one to the left or the right instead of the middle. Angling your part to either the left or right helps disguise awkward length in between your bangs and the rest of your hair.

Pin It: Pinning your bangs back with your hair is a great way to hide your bangs as they grow, and it also helps keep them out of your eyes.

Headbands: Headbands are great because no matter how long or short your bangs are they can easily hold them back off your forehead. Head bands also come in so many different designs that you could have a different one for every outfit that matches and looks stylish.

Tuck and Roll: Rolling the length of your bangs and tucking them along your hairline is a great way to hide any awkward regrowth. Make sure to secure the roll with a bobby pin near your ear.

Braid: Braiding your bangs along your hairline helps keep them out of your face and is a cute way to hide any awkward growth as your bangs grow out. If you have any strands that kind of stick out you can try using a gel to smooth them out.

So Don’t Be Afraid to Let Your Bangs Grow Out

There are many options to help you and your bangs as they grow. If you would like more tips on growing out your bangs, or need to set up a trim, call Salon Antoine today. The salon professionals at Salon Antoine will be happy to help you with all your hair care needs.

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